Code of Practice


Echo Systems Communications Ltd (trading as Echo IT Broadband) strive to bring all our customers a high quality service. Despite our best efforts from time to time service may not be up to standard in cases like these it is important that we hear from you allowing us to investigate and correct the problem.


  1. How to contact us with a complaint.

If you have a complaint we have a number of ways to contact us.



The support team are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5.30pm on 06756888


In Writing

If you wish to contact by writing please include the account holder name address and telephone number once we have recived your complaint we will process it and contact you within 24hours of receipt of the complaint to try and resolve the issue.  Please use the below methods to contact us.

Letter” please address any letters to

Echo Systems Communications LTD

℅ Echo IT

29/30 Mitchell Street,


Co. Tipperary.

E45 W883


Our support email is



  1. How to contact us for Cancellation

            If you wish to cancel your broadband we require this in writing.

Letter” please address any letters to

Echo Systems Communications LTD

℅ Echo IT

29/30 Mitchell Street,


Co. Tipperary.

E45 W883


Our support email is




  1. Resolution Time Frames

Below are a list of complaint categories and time frames. If we can’t resolve your query there and then, these are the guideline times for resolution.


Billing: 7 working days

Network or Service issues: 3 to 5 working days

Miscellaneous: 10 working days

Occasionally more complicated issues may take longer to resolve than the time frames above. We will endeavor to keep you updated with any progress reports.


  1. Escalation

Our support team is in place to deal with any of your queries if you are unhappy with the support teams answers or how they handled your case you can have the matter escalated to a manager who will discuss the issue with you and try to come to a satisfactory resolution. If the complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction in 10days from when the complaint was first reported you may escalate the issue to ComReg  by contacting them via the options at the end of the document.


  1. Disconnection Policy

            The Bill for you service id paid for via direct Debit if the Direct debit is missed we may

Suspend your service until the balance is paid. If the Bill is not paid within 3 months we    may terminate your account meaning a charge may be applied for reconnection.



  1. Useful Contacts.


Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg)

Abbey Court,

Irish Life Centre,

Lower Abbey Street,

Dublin 1

Tel: 1890 229 668 or Fax: 01 804 9680



Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs (ODCA)

4 Harcourt Road,

Dublin 2

Tel: 01 402 5500 or Fax: 01 402 5501






Advertising Standards Authority

IPC House,

5/39 Shelbourne Road,

Dublin 4

Tel: 01 6608766 or Fax: 01 6608113



Small Claims Courts

Information is available from your local District Court Offices.



Illegal Images and Reporting.

If you have any reason to believe that a particular image you have received might be illegal, such as child pornography, you should report it immediately to the Gardai. The Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998 makes it illegal for anyone to produce, forward, publish, send, show or possess any child pornography in Ireland. Illegal images of this nature should be reported to This service is provided by the Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI) for reporting any instances of child pornography on the Internet in a secure and confidential environment. Internet Service Provider Association of Ireland Echo Systems Echo Systems Communications Ltd (trading as Echo IT Broadband) is a member of the Internet Service Provider Association of Ireland that was formed in January 1998. The ISPAI is the leading industry representative on the Internet Advisory Board (IAB) established by the Government, which maintains a self-regulatory approach to Internet service provision in Ireland.


Members of the ISPAI are bound by a Code of Practice which requires that operators have an acceptable use policy that prohibits customers from sending messages that are likely to cause offence or any other material which is distressing, grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing or in any other way unlawful. In addition, the ISPAI supports and funds the reporting line for uncovering illegal child pornography on the Internet. For further information contact the ISPAI at or alternatively:


Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland Ltd. (ISPAI)

Address Unit 24 Sandyford Office Park, Dublin 18

Tel. +353 (0)1 294 5280

Fax +353 (0)1 294 5282


 reporting service Launched in November 1999, the service provides an anonymous reporting service to members of the public who accidentally uncover illegal child pornography on the Internet. The service is supported and funded by the Internet Service Provider Association of Ireland ( who are committed to ensuring that Internet Services are not used to spread illegal child pornography on the Internet. The service is a founding member of the INHOPE Association ( – Internet Hotline Providers in Europe. The INHOPE Association co-ordinates the activities of the individual hotlines and through regular meetings ensure the extensive sharing of information on the best practices for the operation of an Internet Hotline and tracing of illegal child pornography.


To report suspected cases of child pornography or other forms of illegal material please report it to:


Tel. 1890 610 710

Fax 1890 520 720

Post, Unit 24 Sandyford Office Park, Dublin 18



This Code of Practice in no way infringes on your statutory rights. Echo Systems Communications Ltd (trading as Echo IT Broadband)

Open Internet Access –

In addition to the above link  Echo  Systems Communications  will comply to the following conditions of Open Internet Access under  Article (4) (1) Transparency measures for ensuring open internet access.

Net Neutrality & Open Internet



Echo Systems Communications Ltd ( trading as Echo IT Broadband) (“we”, “us”, “our”) operates a broadband network in Ireland and is committed to a free and open Internet.


Traffic Management


We utilise traffic management on our network in order to deliver broadband to our customers. This traffic management is required in order to deliver the required speeds to certain geographic areas, to maintain contention ratios and to limit speeds across certain areas of our network to reduce packet loss and latency.


We do not prioritise any specific packet or data type above any other. If a user is streaming media from provider A whilst another user is streaming media from provider B, both streams will be treated equally and without any prioritisation of one provider or user over the other.


Likewise, we do not differentiate between protocols being used i.e. a user that is making use of FTP for file transfers and a user who is making use of VoIP for voice calling will also be treated equally.


Bandwidth & Transfer Limits


All the broadband packages and connections provided by us will have prescribed maximum transfer speeds. These speeds will be clearly indicated to the customer at the time of sign-up. In the event a customer is unsure of what speeds are required, we will endeavour to listen to the customers unique use case for the broadband connection and advise what we believe to be the most appropriate package for them.


We do not employ any limitations on usage, i.e. download or upload limitations. In order to ensure fairness for all users on our network, customers are required to follow and abide by the “Echo Systems Communications Ltd usage Policy” which is available on our website at


From time to time, there may be a decrease in network performance due to factors outside of our control i.e. inclement weather, radio interference and so forth. In these instances, where possible, we will inform all affected customers and begin investigating and/or actioning a resolution.


Specific Applications, Services and Products


We do not block, prioritise, limit or in any way “shape” traffic outside of what is required to maintain our networks stable operation.


Exceptions to this rule are the blocking of specific websites and services as required by relevant legislative bodies within Ireland.


Expected Performance


The speeds advertised and displayed on our websites, documentation or circulars are the speeds we expect to deliver to the customer. All speeds are quoted in Mbps.


It is our intention for all speeds delivered to end user connections are always within 90% of the advertised speeds. In the event a customer is experiencing speeds outside of this range, we recommend they contact our support team who will launch a full technical investigation as to the cause of the reduction in service.

Our Full terms and conditions may be found at