A better alternative to Satellite Broadband

Many customers who enquire about our broadband services have an existing satellite broadband connection.

Many of these people will have got their satelitte connections through the National Broadband Scheme which ran from 2008 to 2014. Unfortunately this left alot of people with usage allowances that lasted just half way through the month and ended up either without broadband for half them month or hefty excess usage charges, often running well into hundreds of euros a month. Slow upload speeds is another common issue people find hey have with satellite broadband.

If you are in Tipperary, and struggling with satellite broadband, why not give us a call on 067 56888, we may very well be able to end your suffering of low usage allowances and slow upload speeds. If you mention this article, we will also give you 20% off your installation.

Check out our coverage page to see if you are in our areas covered