Protect Your PC and Laptop From Online Threats of Ransomware and Viruses


Protect Your PC and Laptop From Online Threats of Ransomware and Viruses

In recent weeks, the constant threat of online fraud has risen to a new level, with internet fraudsters developing new and ever more innovative methods of gaining personal data and holding users to ransom.

This new “malware” has caught out unsuspecting online browsers in the most reputable of websites. This malicious software has been disguised as advertising or “malvertising” and has been found on world famous site including those of the BBC, MSN, and The New York Times. These sites are equally as much the victim as the unsuspecting user. More details are available in this article.

Ransomware is also an ever growing method for online attackers to generate revenue by illegal means. Ransomware is exactly how it sounds, with the machine/device of the user being encrypted by a malicious program and rendering all files inaccessible.
This is usually done by email and has caught out many major organisations, with the FBI estimating last year that one popular variant of ransomware has cost businesses 10s of millions in damages for lost files, along with many hospitals in the UK reporting similar experiences. Further information is available in this article.

How to Protect

  • The first step to protecting against this type of attack is to block it. To do this we would recommend installing an up-to-date security software such as ESET.
  • Since ransomware is usually delivered through email attachments we would also advise all businesses to ensure that their employees are familiar with identifying malicious or suspicious emails.
  • If you have a computer on your network that shows any sign of infection, isolate it. Do this by unplugging any network cables and disabling WiFi.
    Finally, to keep it safe you must backup. This is something that all businesses should be doing regardless and is an essential part of keeping your critical data safe.
  • We advise the use of reputable backup service, in conjunction with the use of a known antivirus software such as ESET.

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