Is Broadband the new electricity?

As we reach the end of the second month of 2015 here at Echo IT, we are consistently getting new requests for broadband. People from all across North Tipperary are looking to get connected to the web. It now appears that to have broadband is becoming as important as having light and heat. So much of our daily lives now are dependent on an internet connection. It is also becoming a determining factor in the purchases of housing.

The, now-defunct, National Broadband Scheme was implemented to provide broadband services to the remote areas of Ireland that were not going to be served by the larger providers. However, customer experiences of this scheme have been reported over the last number of years as being highly varied, with many receiving service no better than that of the days of dial up. These areas were also probably the last areas to receive electricity many decades ago.

Life now requires you to be connected to the Internet with ease. Many companies require you to live in an area with broadband coverage to enable you to work from home when required. It’s also essential to have reliable broadband if trying to improve yourself academically, with the advent of distance learning and the provision of subject notes on online resources at colleges. Here is an article which perfectly describes the modern need for a worker to have broadband in their home.

We, here at Echo IT, are doing everything in our power to bring broadband to areas that are being poorly served. We are constantly developing new areas of coverage across North Tipperary. We will announce new areas as soon as they are available.


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